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Lavender + Fir Natural Deodorant - Baking Soda Free


Scent:  Lavender + Fir
Size:  2.25 oz | 64 g

Made with a blend of skin-loving oils and odor absorbing powders, Wicked Soaps deodorants are an all natural alternative to commercial deodorants that you can feel good about using.  Our deodorants are not antiperspirants.  They are work by targeting and neutralizing bacteria that cause body odor, and helping to absorb excess sweat.

Most commercial deodorants contain aluminum which has been linked to health concerns like breast cancer, kidney issues, and skin irritation, and prohibit you from sweating by actually plugging up the sweat glands.  Sweating is good for you!  It's your body's way of ridding itself of toxins and cooling down.

  • 100% Natural Deodorant
  • Aluminum Free
  • Baking Soda Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Cruelty Free 
  • All Wicked Soaps Deodorants are made while listening to Richard Marx, which makes them 100% more awesome and effective


About the ingredients

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is made up of almost entirely silica, an element that your body needs.  It's pH neutral, unlike baking soda which can cause irritation, it works for even the most sensitive skin.  On top of all of that, it's antimicrobial and an absorbing powerhouse that draws out toxins and moisture, keeping you smelling fresh.

Arrowroot Powder works with Diatomaceous Earth to absorb odors, toxins, and moisture to keep you fresh and (mostly) dry.

Coconut Oil has antibacterial properties and works with shea and cocoa butter to keep your underarm skin smooth and moisturized. 

Zinc Oxide (non-nano) reacts with short fatty acids that are responsible for body odor and converts them to odorless zinc salts.  It's antibacterial, which means it inhibits bacteria growth which is main cause of body odor.  Non-nano means the particles are large and it won't be absorbed into your skin, but it will work to help absorb sweat.

Beeswax is what holds everything together and allows you to apply it in stick form!

When making the switch from commercial deodorants/antiperspirants to all natural deodorant, some people may go through a detox transition period, where they find they are sweating and may smell more than usual.  Don't despair!  Give it a week or so for your body to adjust and rid itself of the nasties that have built up.  You can help it along with doing an armpit detox, click here for more info!


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Zinc Oxide (non-nano), Lavender Essential Oil, Fir Needle Essential Oil, Vitamin E


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